Assalammualaikum everyone
Hye, I,m the boss for this blog..
I've been alive for 27 years old but feels like forever 21. Bridge Engineer from Consultant Bridge Company.  I'm generally excited by anything else that falls into the "cute" or "cozy" categories. Every time I try and wink at someone, I mess it up and end up scaring people. My lucky number always has been and always will be 2. Tak kisah la 22 atau 12 atau 2 je. as long as there is a number 2.. Oh, maybe thats because my birthday is 22 May. I guess so. I'm a Gemini. I think that means I'm always looking for something new. 

i always thought that being nice to people is necessary....
but the truth is being nice to people is a must...
i am nice person.so why can you be nice too...

okey, thats all.. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I do :)

Miera Hassan